Seminar One: “Adorno and the ambivalence of identity” (January 29, 2021)

Jonathon Catlin – “Adorno, Du Bois, and the Wounds of Identity”

Eric Oberle – “Theses on Identity”  

Fumi Okiji – Adorno and Raciality

First seminar video archive:


Seminar Two: “Rethinking Adorno and race, part 1: Revisiting Du Bois and critical race theory” (February 12, 2021)

Corey D. B. Walker, “The Wound of Blackness: Thinking Adorno and the Limits of Critical Theory”

Oshrat Silberbusch – “‘The World Thus Darkly Through the Veil’: Reflections on Identity (Thinking) with Du Bois and Adorno”

Charlotte Baumann – “Adorno, Suffering and Critical Race Theory: Or, the Non-identical and the System”

Second seminar video archive:


Seminar Three: “Rethinking Adorno and race, part 2: Freedom through fugitivity and negation” (February 26, 2021)

Henrike Kohpeiß – “Identity Produced by Negation: Freedom after Theodor Adorno and Saidiya Hartman”

Romy Opperman – “Critical Black Feminist Theory

Anders Bartonek – “Marronage and Non-identity”

Third seminar video archive:


Seminar Four: “Rethinking Adorno and race, part 3: Fanon, racisms, and the question of praxis” (March 12, 2021)

Martin Shuster – “Antiblackness, Antisemitism, and the State: Fanon, the Frankfurt School, and the Social Contract Tradition”

Sid Simpson and Ryan Curnow – “Stripping Away the Masks of Identity: Adorno and Fanon’s Negative Dialectics”

Fourth seminar video archive:


Seminar Five: Adorno and queer dis/identification (April 9, 2021)

Asaf Angermann – “Queer Utopia and the Incommensurable: Adorno after Muñoz”

Kyle Kaplan – “Dear Adorno: On the Limits of Personal and Practical Advice”

Nicole Yokum – “The Politics of Avoidance: From Adornian Coldness to Edelmanian Antisociality

Fifth seminar video archive:


Seminar Six: Adorno and the politics of non-identity (April 16, 2021)

Frank Müller – “Reflections on the Politics of Non-identity”

Ariane Mintz – “Unveiling the ‘Individualistic Veil’: On Narcissistic Reactions to Capitalist Mutilations

Robyn Marasco – “Elements of a Critical Theory of the Family”

Sixth seminar video archive:


Seminar Seven: Adorno in an age of identity thinking, big data, and new media (April 23, 2021)

Samir Gandesha – “Adorno’s Critique of Identity Thinking: Between the Abstract and Concrete”

Jerome Clarke – “Battle of Negroes in a Black Box: Nonidentity and Race Data”

Moira Weigel – “Ashli’s Third: Conformity, Counterculture, and the Authoritarian Personality 2.0”

Seventh seminar video archive: